Univerzitetni rehabilitacijski inštitut


University Rehabilitation Institute (SO?A) is the major national rehabilitation hospital and research centre. It is comprised of: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic (200 beds), Orthotics and Prosthetics Center, Vocational Rehabilitation Center, Research and development Unit and Rehabilitation Engineering Center. The research and development unit at SOCA focuses on development of clinically suitable rehabilitation robots as well as tele-rehabilitation technology. The group combines knowledge on biomechanics, kinesiology and engineering which resulted in the last decade in development of therapy training devices specifically for training balance during standing (Balance trainer) and walking (e-Go trainer) which are both commercially available and in clinical use around the world. Our most recent research and clinical achievements relate to the development of a novel technololgy and clinical rehabilitation programs related to neurological rehabilitation of movement that involves rehabilitation robotics and telerehabilitation tools.

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