Demonstrations among seniors in Bulgaria

Project SAAM team had the pleasure to demonstrate the SAAM system to 70 seniors and administrative staff on October 11th, 2019 during the annual BRC First Aid Competition for seniors.

We had an afternoon full of hardware showcasing, SAAM app walkthroughs and demonstrations of the SAAM MoodBox, which is part of the system’s cognitive and emotional research domain.

During the sessions seniors had quite a few questions regarding the SAAM system. Most of them revolved around how movement is being detected by the system’s localization sensors, whether the technology behind each sensor is safe, what are the options to receive coaching recommendations (modalities).

After the session some seniors commented that SAAM would be very useful, especially for families of seniors, who live in other countries, so that families worry less for their loved ones. 

Many seniors expressed their hope this system will become a living product available for older people in Bulgaria.

At the end of the demonstrations, we asked seniors to give their opinion with smiley faces whether they liked the SAAM system or we need to make some improvements. The majority of opinions were positive!

The demonstrations were delivered by BILSP and University of Edinburgh with the kind support of BRC. Under the umbrella of the demo event, Fasih Haider from the University of Edinburgh joined BILSP for a three-day workshop on data administration and SAAM’s cognitive and emotional domain.

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