International Conference on Personalised Coaching and WHINN 2019

The SAAM Consortium is organising International Conference on Personalised Coaching and Intelligent ICT Environments for Wellbeing and Care during the Danish Health and Innovation week (WHINN 2019)

WHINN is a several-day knowledge festival with meetings, talks, exhibitions, matchmaking and networking activities and much more - all within health and innovation. WHINN 2019’s main topic is Better Healthcare through Future Technology. During WHINN, leading companies will present a high-calibre programme and will showcase latest technology developments.

The Conference includes multiple expert talks, project showcases, and discussions with topics, such as:

  • Living labs in digital healthcare
  • Feature construction and modelling of decision support systems
  • The role of the social circles in care and wellbeing
  • Persuasion and coaching strategies for behavioural change
  • Privacy preserving technologies for detecting changes in cognition and emotion

You can explore the full programme and diverse speakers at as well as at

During WHINN 2019 main events, visitors will have also the chance to see a staged demonstration of the multimodal system for active aging developed by SAAM’s team at the Expo center. The demonstration will show attendants how SAAM components fit together and how they are expected to support elderly people’s quality of life.

To attend the special pre-event, you should acquire a 1-day or 2-day pass for WHINN 2019. For registration, further details on additional options and cancellation policy, please check the WHINN 2019 Registration page.

Download the programme of the Conference in pdf.

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